What commercial buildings or structures require an Indiana State Building Release from the state building authority?
Any addition or alteration made to a "Class 1" Structure would generally require a Design Release. A "Class 1 Structure" is one of the following: A building or structure used by the public, a building or structure with more than 3 tenants, a building or structure where (1) or more persons act as an employee of another.
I'm a building contractor and I have a project that will require a State Building Release, can you assist me on providing the application, submittal drawings, and other paperwork required by the state to obtain a State Building Release?
Yes, a big portion of our services are in the Design/Build delivery of building projects. We can walk you through the process and provide you with a quotation for the services you would need.
Working with large A&E firms can be intimidating and it takes a long time to get answers to my questions or problems that rise up during a construction project. What makes your firm different?
We are a small design firm that prides ourselves in providing customer service to our clients. Therefore, our clients don't have the frustration of not being assisted in the areas of communication that they experience with the larger firms.